NutraPet Systems Germany has been in existence since 2014, so for 5 years now. It is hard to believe how fast time passes and what we have achieved since then. – For all of you who have been there from the very beginning and also for the many colleagues who have joined us in the meantime, it is nice to see that we have developed into a successful and important player in the field of premixes for pet food.

In the meantime, a number of well-known European pet food producers are among our current customers. This is primarily due to the consistently high product safety and the certainty of our customers that the individual ingredients are used to create a balanced complete feed that provides the animal with all the nutrients it needs.

Our formula for success consists of 3 simple main ingredients.
Authenticity – we say what we can and implement it in the same way.
Passion – we love what we do and are passionate about it every day. The goal is always to create the best for our customers, their customers and especially their animals.
Innovation – The status quo is never enough or reason for us to rest. Intrinsically motivated, our product developers at NutraPet are always looking for new and outstanding solutions to optimally care for the animals.

In this context, we are particularly proud of our ranking in last year’s FOCUS Business as “Growth Champion 2019”. There NutraPet is one of the fastest growing companies in the manufacturing and processing industry in Germany. Read more in the separate blog post. – NutraPet Systems is Growth Champion 2019

In addition, we carry several product lines for the end consumer, which we present in detail here on New are probiotic care sprays and soon a BARF line.

These have arisen from the observation that our animals are getting older and older and that diseases of civilization are now also an issue for dogs, cats and horses.

We develop and produce products such as NutraPro® in close cooperation with veterinarians. These ensure animal health into old age through sustainable prevention. Our top priority is to develop sustainable and natural solutions that protect animals, owners and the environment.

All in all we can say after 5 years – the success proves us right!

That is why we will continue along this path and remain true to our guidelines.

Full of energy and passion we go with all our business partners into the next years and look forward to reaching common goals!

Your Susanne Drissner-Meyer and Gerd Poppel