Pure plant-based tick protection

Fly Block is a pure plant-based tick protection. Free from chemical additives, protects, maintains and cleans in a natural way, and is safe, gentle and well-tolerated by the skin. No allergic reactions or other side effects. Through regular use, you can ensure better hygiene in dog kennels, on carpets, in sleeping areas, in transport cases [...]


Innovative combination of different active ingredients

Fly Block contains an innovative combination of different active ingredients and is therefore particularly effective as parasite and tick protection. Covers a broad spectrum of activity so that ticks that are, for example, resistant to black cumin oil do not feel the need to choose your pet as their victim


How Fly Block defence works

The sooner ticks, fleas, mites and mosquitoes are removed from the coat, the less damage they cause. With Fly Block, parasites don’t even make it into the coat, as the fur and skin become unappealing to ticks and other parasites in the long run.



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