Fly Block Spray Dog 150ml – Natural Tick Protection That Works

Detailed description:

Fly Block is a natural anti-parasite spray made purely from plants. It’s ideal for pet owners who are looking for a natural and effective tick prevention strategy for their four-legged friends, as well as a general defence against parasites.

Fly Block offers reliable protection from parasite infection as it effectively repels ticks, mites and fleas. As a natural parasite defence developed by experts, this product contains a unique combination of different oils and other plant-based substances, which therefore increase its biological efficacy.

Fly Block contains:

  • Vitamin B1 / Thiamin
  • Margosa extract
  • Manuka oil
  • Clove oil
  • Geraniol
  • Eugenol
  • Linalool
  • Citrus extract

Finally, you can let your four-legged friend sniff freely around the bushes and bound over forests, fields and meadows.

You’ll no longer be dependent on chemical products to protect against ticks!

Fly Block – natural protection against ticks and parasites which really works, and for dogs, cats and horses.


I’m confronted with the issue of ticks intensively and on a daily basis, and I would recommend against the use of pesticides on dogs.
There are good and effective ways to protect your dog from these pesky bloodsuckers which are also completely non-toxic.
Fly Block Spray and Foam are one of my personal top four products and remedies, which I also use on my own pets and would recommend for my patients. It’s an incredibly good remedy, which contains a combination of different essential oils, vitamin B and other effective insecticidal substances.
What’s great is that you don’t have to use Fly Block before every walk. You only need to apply it to the dog’s coat every three to seven days. It’s important to make sure you rub in or spray the product all over the dog. Fly Block also protects against sand flies which can carry unpleasant diseases, especially in countries of the southern hemisphere.
Dr. Alexandra Nadig, Dr. Nadig Veterinary Practice, Lorch
“Fly Block Spray is amazing!”

Fly Block Spray is amazing! I am so happy that it’s so beneficial and also natural! My Charlie had real problems with other tick-related products.

Tanja with Charlie, Reutlingen
“Highly recommended”
I have a dog and use Fly Block. I really like the simple application, the fresh smell it gives and that he doesn’t have any ticks. I have recommended Fly Block to my friends.
Elena M., Nürtingen
We’re thrilled! “We tested out Fly Block Spray on our dog and are thrilled with the results. Before he used to have ticks so often, as we were always taking him on long adventures outside. Since we started using the spray, he’s been free from ticks! “Aggy” was even safe from sand flies on our annual holiday to Croatia. Now we don’t have to use the anti-tick products, which go into the blood and work through toxins. We can protect him naturally!”
Brigitte Jäth with “Aggy” (Jack Russell Terrier - 11 years old), Managing Director, Metzingen

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