NutraPro® DUO AKUT


Inhalt je Packung: 18 Sachets à 2 Gramm

• High water binding capacity
• Stabilises faeces consistency
• Can stop acute diarrhoea
• Can support detoxification
• Promotes intestinal health and balance
• with zeolite, psyllium husks, feed charcoal, electrolytes and micro-organisms

Food charcoal helps bind harmful substances and toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, thereby reducing the formation of gas in the intestines and reducing flatulence.

Zeolite (90% clinoptilolite) is a volcanic rock and can assist in the detoxification of harmful substances. Zeolite binds pollutants like a sponge, these are excreted through the intestine.

Probiotic cultures such as Enterococcus faecium are living microorganisms that settle in the intestine and can help to build up the intestinal flora in a natural way.

Prebiotic fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) & inulin (from chicory) serve as nutrients for the growth of desirable microorganisms in the intestine and promote the reconstruction of a healthy microbiome.

Electrolytes are vital minerals that the body needs to regenerate quickly after fluid deficiency and acute diarrhea symptoms.

Duo Akut-fuer-Hunde-bei-Durchfall

Feeding instructions:

Mix 1-2 times daily under the feed, if necessary moisten with a little water.
Per 10kg animal weight mix both bags under the feed.

Dogs 0 – 10 kg give 1x (bag white) 1x (bag green)
Dogs 10 – 20 kg give 2x (bag white) 2x (bag green)
Dogs 20 – 30 kg give 3x (bag white) 3x (bag green)
Powder with excellent acceptance.

Pre- & probiotic supplementary feed for dogs.

(zeolite), psyllium husks, feed charcoal, hydrolyzed poultry liver, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), inulin (with prebiotic property), magnesium sulfate.

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 1.9% Crude fat 1.0% Crude fiber 7.95% Crude ash 65.45% Moisture 6.4%, Calcium 4.12% Sodium 1.33% Potassium 1.0% Magnesium 0.23%.

Zeolite (90% clinoptilolite): 300,000 mg/kg.

Zootechnical additive:
Intestinal flora stabilizer: Enterococcus faecium (DSM 10663 NCIMB 10415) 3.75 x 10 11 CFU/kg.