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NutraPro® Equine

Detailed description:

NutraPro® Equine is a high-concentration probiotic quality product for horses and is sold by vets and in selected specialist shops. It has a high efficacy and contains active live yeast cultures which particularly improve fibre digestibility. NutraPro® Equine is used for animals with severe or chronic intestinal problems, such as faecal water syndrome.

The microorganisms in the product are proven to adhere to the intestinal wall and colonize the digestive tract. The organisms compete for nutrients and binding sites in the intestinal wall and produce lactic acid, which reduces the pH in the small intestine. This ensures that these intestinal areas become inhospitable for pathogenic bacteria and all kinds of pathogens, leading to a stabilisation of intestinal health. The result is an improved, strengthened immune system and a better general well-being for the pet.

Dextrose, Inulin, Corn Starch

Zootechnical additive:

Digestibility Enhancer Live Yeast Culture Saccharomyces cerevisiae
(CBS 493.94) 7.5 x 10^11 KBE/kg

Crude protein 4.5%
Crude fat 0.7%
Fibres 0%
Ash 0.8%
Moisture 2.9%


“For many years, our horse “Rescalon” often had faecal water problems. We tried lots of things, but nothing really helped. We started using NutraPro® Equine in January 2016 and saw a significant improvement after around 4 weeks. He had hardly any more faecal water and also seems much happier! After 4 months of NutraPro®, he also now has a beautiful, shiny coat. We will definitely keep using this.”
Lerch Family with “Rescalon”, Pliezhausen
Reiterin mit Pferd
“My 12-year-old Hanoverian horse was a so-called “problem horse“ when I got it 8 years ago.

She is extremely sensitive and the smallest changes make her stressed, aggressive and develop severe faecal water. We have tried numerous forms of husbandry and treatment methods, unfortunately without any great success. At the start of the year, the faecal water was again very severe. We fed NutraPro® for the first time and were able to see a great change after just a week. Since then, she’s actually also seemed a lot calmer and more relaxed.

We’re now feeding both horses NutraPro®. There’s been a clear improvement in the general condition of my gelding’s coat and it has a beautiful shine.

We firmly believe that NutraPro® has greatly enriched our open stable concept. The horses enjoy eating it and we would not want to do without it now.”

Simone Köhler with „Wilma“, Hotel Manager, Elmshorn
“Our gelding had been suffering from severe faecal water, so we fed him NutraPro®. After only 1 week with NutraPro®, he had no faecal water at all!”
Ms Blank, Horse Owner, Pliezhausen
“I’ve worked as a veterinary specialist for horses since 2006 and know many horses that suffer with faecal water syndrome. The probiotic intestinal bacteria in NutraPro® are ideal for intestinal cleansing, it is very well-tolerated by horses and also a good treatment for animals at risk of colic. I highly recommend it.” Sonja Finsler, Veterinary Specialist for Horses, Altdorf
We’ve been using NutraPro® products for dogs, cats and horses for 2 years.

We mainly give it to small animals for acute and chronic diarrhoea, and to horses for faecal water and diarrhoea

The results and the high level of acceptance are impressive. The faecal water disappeared, horse owners often ask for it when the faecal water problem reoccurs.

Wolfgang Gabrin, Horse Show and Race Course Vet, Gabrin Veterinary Practice, Dettighofen

Frequently asked questions about this product

Good reasons to use NutraPro® Equine2021-03-18T13:53:54+01:00

1. Supports the gastrointestinal tract and intestinal flora

2. Alleviates digestive problems like faecal water

3. Promotes intestinal cleansing, e.g., after deworming or antibiotic treatment

4. Improves fibre digestibility

5. Stimulates an appetite in animals that don’t eat well

6. Can help with food intolerances and allergies

7. Stimulates the immune system

8. Can have a positive effect on appearance, such as a shiny coat

NutraPro® Equine Feeding instructions2021-03-18T13:54:55+01:00

1 scoop = 9g per 300 kg body weight per day

600 kg horse: 2 measuring scoops/18g per day

Sprinkle the powder over the food. Spread across meals.

Best results are achieved with regular, long-term use.

NutraPro® Equine Application Areas2021-03-18T13:55:47+01:00

For digestion problems, for soft stools or faecal water, feed transition (e.g., starting a new pasture), lack of appetite, poor physical condition, varying hay quality, dull coat, after medication, for intestinal cleanses

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