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NutraPro® Feline

Detailed description:

NutraPro® Feline is a high-concentration probiotic quality product for cats and is sold by vets. It has a high efficacy and, in addition to the probiotic microorganisms and substances with a high acceptance, it also contains vitamins and minerals. NutraPro® is used for animals with severe or chronic intestinal problems.

The microorganisms in the product are proven to adhere to the intestinal wall and colonize the digestive tract. The organisms compete for nutrients and binding sites in the intestinal wall and produce lactic acid, which reduces the pH in the small intestine. This ensures that these intestinal areas become inhospitable for pathogenic bacteria and all kinds of pathogens, leading to a stabilisation of intestinal health. The result is an improved, strengthened immune system and a better general well-being for the pet.

Brewer’s yeast
Mannan-Oligosaccharides (MOS)
Hydrolysed chicken liver, chicken protein
Essential amino acids, e.g., taurine

Zootechnical additive:
Enterococcus faecium (DSM 10663 NCIMB 10415 / 4b1707)
7.5 x 10^9 KBE/g

Crude protein: 8.8%
Crude fat: 1.3%
Crude fibre: 0%
Ash: 16.3%
Moisture: 2.9%


“Our tomcat Pepe grew up on the streets of Barcelona and was taken to a kill shelter there at some point. Thankfully, he was saved! He was very sick when we got him. Even today, he often still has to take medication like cortisone and antibiotics. He had previously rejected all probiotics for intestinal cleansing, and mixing them into his favourite food didn’t help at all! We have finally discovered NutraPro® and can now do something about his damaged intestinal flora, as he eats it without any problems.”
Simone Adam with “Pepe” the Tomcat, Tübingen

“I have tried NutraPro at my cattery. Attached is a photo of my latest baby, who was born on Monday, and unfortunately its mum has almost no milk. I always add a little NutraPro Feline to the milk. The baby has been gaining weight since I started doing this.
I have already passed the product on to a few breeder friends and they were very interested. I highly recommend it!”

Elke Hartmann, Cat Breeder, Obersulm
“My 2 cats both had problems with vomiting and spitting. 1 month after giving them NutraPro® Feline, they were not throwing up at all! They tolerate their food a lot better now. Before I had to be very careful with what I fed them, now they can tolerate everything. And my cat who was extremely thin and weak, weighing just 2kg, is now finally a healthy, normal weight again!”
Michaela Kern with her cats “Sina” and “Sammy”, Dog and Cat Owner, Reutlingen-Sondelfingen
“Our tomcat is a farm cat and when we got him as a kitten suffered with acute diarrhoea. The vet found Giardia and other single-cell micro-organisms in the intestine. After antibiotic treatment, the vet gave us NutraPro® to help restore his intestinal flora. Within around 10 days, his intestinal activity was normal again! Our tomcat is now over 6 months old, has a beautiful, shiny coat and is in general good health.”
Mia Piepke with “Freddy” the Tomcat, Dog and Cat Owner, Mittelstadt
“I have tested NutraPro® Feline on lots of cats and given samples to friends who had problems with their cats, e.g., with loose stools. Almost everything was in good order after the second dose of NutraPro® Feline.

It’s also very important that NutraPro® Feline is very tasty, cats consider it a delicacy! – This helps because cats do not feel pressured to eat it.

I am very happy that a friend told me about this fantastic probiotic.

For me and my friends who have tried it, NutraPro® is the number 1. It really is! :-)“

Ada Zatloukalová (Cat Owner), Prague
…Vets from Italy report:

  • Animals are no longer as susceptible to infection, the course of disease is now weaker
  • Weak animals without an appetite (after operations) eat it and quickly regain their strength
  • “We had almost given up on one pet, it’s now like a different animal, eating really well again and back in good shape!”

Frequently asked questions about this product

7 good reasons to use NutraPro®2021-03-18T13:33:46+01:00
  1. Promotes intestinal health & balance
  2. Strengthens the immune system and the body (after operations, for chronic diseases)
  3. Reduces susceptibility to infections, allergies, skin diseases, prevents the spread of fungal infections,…
  4. Helps with food intolerances, food is better utilised
  5. Provides support for acute and chronic intestinal disorders, shortens duration of illness
  6. Restores a balance after intestinal damage caused by antibiotic treatments
  7. Contains guaranteed quantities of living microorganisms
NutraPro® Application Areas2021-03-18T13:46:38+01:00

To improve general well-being and immune system, for digestive disorders, during and after antibiotic treatment, convalescence, rearing of puppies, feed changes, lack of appetite, stressful situations, after deworming

NutraPro® Feline Feeding instructions2021-03-18T13:49:20+01:00

Cats/kittens up to 5 kg: 0.5 sachet/day

Cats 5-15 kg: 1 sachet/day

Sprinkle the powder over the food. Spread across meals.
Feed for at least 10 days. Best results are achieved with regular, long-term use.

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