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NutraPro® K9

Detailed description:

NutraPro® K9 is a high-concentration probiotic quality product for dogs and is sold by vets. It has a high efficacy and, in addition to the probiotic microorganisms and substances with a high acceptance, it also contains vitamins and minerals. NutraPro® is used for animals with severe or chronic intestinal problems.
The microorganisms in the product are proven to adhere to the intestinal wall and colonize the digestive tract. The organisms compete for nutrients and binding sites in the intestinal wall and produce lactic acid, which reduces the pH in the small intestine. This ensures that these intestinal areas become inhospitable for pathogenic bacteria and all kinds of pathogens, leading to a stabilisation of intestinal health. The result is an improved, strengthened immune system and a better general well-being for the pet.

Mannan-Oligosaccharides (MOS)
Brewer’s yeast
Hydrolysed chicken liver
Essential amino acids

Zootechnical additive:
Enterococcus faecium (DSM 10663 NCIMB 10415 / 4b1707)
7.5 x 10^9 KBE/g

Crude protein: 8.8%
Crude fat: 2.4%
Crude fibre: 0%
Ash: 7.4%
Moisture: 2.9%


Our 12-year-old Schnauzer regularly suffered from diarrhoea attacks. We tried a lot, but nothing helped in the long term.

After taking NutraPro® K9, the diarrhoea disappeared, but came back afterwards.

She now has NutraPro® K9 every day and is as fit and healthy as before!

Ulrike Pommer with Schnauzer, Aichtal
“At the beginning of February, I bought a dog from an animal welfare organisation. The puppy (5 months old back then) had a very bad infestation of mites, protozoal infection and severe hair loss all over its body. After using the NutraPro®K9 powder as a supplement while on medication, I soon noticed a marked improvement and, above all, calm behaviour. The bowel movements improved, as did the coat, which has now almost completely grown back and has a really nice shine. “Mino” is now feeling very well and also has a lot of fun playing, which wasn’t the case at all when I first got him.”
Markus Kesting with „Mino“, ½ yr., Reutlingen

“My dog was very skinny, didn’t eat much, had hardly any intestinal flora and urgently needed an intestinal cleanse. After I was recommended NutraPro® by my vet and fed it to my dog, his stools were significantly better after just 1 week and he was much better too!”

Ms Kronenbitter, Altdorf

“I am a veterinary nurse and have already tried a lot of supplement products.

NutraPro® has impressed me in dog breeding and dog sport.

My dogs have much greater resistance against illness, and are more stress-resistant during training and competitions.”

Annika Schütt, 2 German Shepherds and 1 Jack Russell Terrier, Veterinary Assistant and Animal Physiotherapist, Walddorfhäslach
Our Labrador (2 years old at the end of September) had suffered with digestion problems since we got him.

It turned out to be pancreatic insufficiency. Due to this disease, and in our case also a vitamin deficiency (B12 and folic acid), these dogs are very susceptible to intestinal values, parasites, germs, fungi, etc. A stool analysis in the spring of 2017 found that Ayko had very bad intestinal values (large amounts of Giardia, Salmonella, Clostridium, Saccharolytic bacteria, Escherichia Coli).
My vet works with an animal healer. In addition to herbal and homoeopathic remedies, my dog was given NutraPro®. We were able to get rid of the Giardia by September 2017 without deworming. And during this appointment, faecal analysis showed that the other values had also stabilised.
I initially administered K9 three times a day with each meal. Since early 2018, we’ve only been giving our dog the powder once a day. I have not using any deworming products during this time. I have the stools analysed every 4 months and the intestinal values and the pH are very pleasing. No parasites! Apart from the enzymes for the insufficiency, Ayko is not receiving any other remedies.

Ingrid Meyer, Ayko the Labrador

“My dog is revitalised!” The many grey hairs on her face have nearly all turned brown, her face is young again and her eyes are sparkling. She’s also playing a lot more again and enjoys digging! She no longer eats grass, bowel movements are normal, her coat is shining and she has a good figure.

The vet says her blood levels are ideal, she no longer has any inflammation! And her bleeding claw has also healed well.

Silke Huber with “Tinki” (Parson Russell Terrier, 10 years old), Personnel Consultant, Reutlingen-Mittelstadt

For years, my dog suffered from severe allergies when out in the fields. We tried 10 vets and went as far as Lake Constance, its paws were bloody and bitten.

Since we’ve been using NutraPro K9, it’s all gone!

Frank Krüger with his Miniature Pinscher

“We have been giving our patients NutraPro®K9 and NutraPro®Feline since the end of 2015 for acute diarrhoea and also for intestinal cleanses. Pets enjoy it, it has excellent tolerance and is effective. It quickly improves diarrhoea, calms the intestine and the 30-day pack is the perfect treatment for regulating the intestines. We highly recommend it.” Werner Braun, Stefan Recknagel, Practising Vet, Aichtal

“My dog had a very severe reaction to standard food and was immediately bloated after eating something bad or the wrong thing. I had to try so many things to find out what she could tolerate well. But because I gave her 1 pack of NutraPro® for 1 month, the allergies and food intolerances have now practically disappeared. She now tolerates pretty much everything, I’m so happy! I wouldn’t have thought that it would make that much of a difference. I will give her this treatment every now and again.”

Christine Herzig with her Beagle, Neckartailfingen

Frequently asked questions about this product

7 good reasons to use NutraPro®2021-03-18T13:33:46+01:00
  1. Promotes intestinal health & balance
  2. Strengthens the immune system and the body (after operations, for chronic diseases)
  3. Reduces susceptibility to infections, allergies, skin diseases, prevents the spread of fungal infections,…
  4. Helps with food intolerances, food is better utilised
  5. Provides support for acute and chronic intestinal disorders, shortens duration of illness
  6. Restores a balance after intestinal damage caused by antibiotic treatments
  7. Contains guaranteed quantities of living microorganisms
NutraPro® Application Areas2021-03-18T13:46:38+01:00

To improve general well-being and immune system, for digestive disorders, during and after antibiotic treatment, convalescence, rearing of puppies, feed changes, lack of appetite, stressful situations, after deworming

NutraPro® K9 Feeding instructions2021-03-18T13:47:58+01:00

Dogs/puppies up to 5 kg: 0.5 sachet/day

Dogs 5-15 kg: 1 sachet/day

Dogs 15-35 kg: 2 sachets/day

Dogs > 35 kg: 3 sachets/day

Sprinkle the powder over the food. Spread across meals.

Feed for at least 10 days. Best results are achieved with regular, long-term use.


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