NutraPro®Care DENTAL SPRAY 100ml2021-06-21T11:56:35+02:00

NutraPro®Care DENTAL SPRAY 100ml

Detailed description:

Probiotic Spray for Mouth Hygiene

  • ensures fresh breath
  • cleans and cares for teeth
  • reduces mouth odour
  • prevents and reduces tartar
  • reduces tooth decay and gum inflammation

a) Spray directly into the mouth
b) Spray on a plate and let the dog lick the dental spray off

For best results, repeat daily.

Sugarcane molasses
Fermented herb extract with lactic acid bacteria and yeasts


“Simply spray it on the food? – It works!”

My Jack Russel Lord tends to suffer badly from plaque and tartar and all I can do is spend a lot of time and effort cleaning his teeth, sometimes it doesn’t help.
Then I discovered the Dental Spray by NutraPro® Care. Honestly, I was really sceptical at first – a spray that you can just put on food and is supposed to actually help with plaque build-up?
All I can say is that since I started using the spray the plaque has reduced drastically.

Erika with her Jack Russell, Lord, Recklinghausen
I can only recommend the dental spray. Luna’s plaque has greatly reduced since I started using it – it works great – I’m so impressed.
Philip with Luna, Sangerhausen
“After feeding time, we always give a couple of sprays in Ella’s mouth and the smell disappears within a short period of time.”

Our Labrador Ella has very healthy teeth – no build-up of tartar and we want to keep it that way!
But after she has eaten a wet feed, above all directly after the food, a peculiar mouth odour appears.
Particularly when she comes up to us panting away and trying to thank us for the food, it can be quite unpleasant.
So after feeding time we always give a couple of sprays in Ella’s mouth and the smell disappears within a short period of time.
Thankfully we have this great spray to help care for mouth hygiene, and which also prevents tartar by reducing the pH level in the mouth.
We are thrilled and would be happy to recommend it!

Meyer Family (Labrador), Altdorf
“Less plaque and mouth odour”

My Giant Schnauzer Alwin has struggled with plaque again and again, which often leads to unpleasant mouth odours.

Then, by chance, I discovered NutraPro® Care Dental Spray and I am very pleased. I use it every day and since then we have had noticeably fewer problems with plaque and the mouth odour has also really eased off. Great product!

Petra and her Giant Schnauzer, Alwin, Nordhorn

Frequently asked questions about this product

Reasons to use probiotic care sprays for dogs, cats, etc.2021-03-18T14:01:47+01:00

Effective microorganisms provide probiotic effect. A favourable environment that supports animal health in a natural way, strengthens the immune system and body’s defences. Harmful germs are driven out and no longer have a basis for life.


Benefits of NutraPro®Care probiotic care sprays2021-03-18T14:03:54+01:00

Well-being and resilience for your pet

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Developed by distinguished experts
  • Well-tolerated by animals with sensitive skin
  • Suitable for all animal species and breeds
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