NutraPro®Care SKIN & COAT Spray 100ml2021-11-04T13:41:12+01:00

NutraPro®Care Skin and Coat Spray 100ml

Detailed description:

Probiotic Spray for Skin & Coat

  • provides natural protection for the skin
  • absorbs unpleasant odours
  • can help relieve skin irritation like redness and itching
  • particularly suitable for pets with allergies, no additives
  • can also be applied to carpets, fabrics and cat litter

Spray the affected areas once a day.

Organic glucose syrup
Lactic acid bacteria
Photosynthetic bacteria


“A shiny coat and fewer hair balls”

I have three Angora cats and coat care is really important to me. I brush my three often and thoroughly. Recently I have also been using the Skin & Coat Spray by NutraPro® Care. It makes the fur so soft and shiny and easy to brush. It also seems that Sammy gets fewer hair balls and less hair comes out. They couldn’t stand the spray though, especially Minnie, who used to run away immediately as soon as she saw the bottle. If I spray the product into my hand and massage it in, or use the brush, then that works great.

Monika with Minnie, Sammy and Rocky, Frankfurt
“I don’t want to use all the sprays on the market full of chemicals. – With the Skin & Coat Spray by NutraPro® Care, I just have a super feeling”

We use the product to spray all the dog blankets and carriers. I don’t want to use all the sprays on the market which disinfect using chemicals, my dogs are so vulnerable to allergies. With the Skin & Coat Spray by NutraPro® Care, I just have a super feeling that everything is really free of germs and safe, and both of them won’t get any infections.

Melanie & Ralf, Rommelsbach
“My Oscar now scratches himself a lot less”

A friend gave me the Skin & Coat Spray by NutraPro® Care because my Labrador Oscar was always scratching and nobody really knew why. I have sprayed it on him now many times and he now scratches himself a lot less, it works!

Nadine and Oscar the Labrador, Kiel

Frequently asked questions about this product

Reasons to use probiotic care sprays for dogs, cats, etc.2021-03-18T14:01:47+01:00

Effective microorganisms provide probiotic effect. A favourable environment that supports animal health in a natural way, strengthens the immune system and body’s defences. Harmful germs are driven out and no longer have a basis for life.


Benefits of NutraPro®Care probiotic care sprays2021-03-18T14:03:54+01:00

Well-being and resilience for your pet

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Developed by distinguished experts
  • Well-tolerated by animals with sensitive skin
  • Suitable for all animal species and breeds


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