NutraPro®Care WOUND SPRAY 100ml2021-06-21T11:57:12+02:00

NutraPro®Care WOUND SPRAY 100ml

Detailed description:

Probiotic Spray for Wound Care

Promotes tissue repair and skin regeneration for big and small skin injuries.

  • cleans, moisturises and closes the wound
  • generates natural skin protection for open areas
  • prevents infection

Spray the affected area of skin several times a day.

Sugarcane molasses
Fermented herb extract with lactic acid bacteria and yeasts


“The Wound Spray from NutraPro® Care soothed the inflammation remarkably quickly!”

I don’t use anti-tick remedies on my dog, instead I scour over the dog myself and remove all the ticks. Every now and again the tick marks became inflamed and I needed something to heal the sores. The Wound Spray from NutraPro® Care soothed the inflammation remarkably quickly!

Bernd, Pforzheim
“The wound closed up within 2 days. – I am absolutely satisfied”

A large lesion appeared at the back of my horse’s hoof. At first, I made a made a wet dressing with iodine solution and after the second day I used a generous amount of the Wound Spray twice daily. The wound closed up within 2 days and was healed up from the inside out. Everyone involved could hardly believe that there was no inflammation.
Since then, I now also spray NutraPro® Care Wound Spray on all “small” wounds and there have been no inflammations and really fast healing (within 1-2 days depending on the size of the wound).- I am absolutely satisfied and now also use Wound Spray on myself!

Susann Mayer with Mounty the horse, Mittelstadt

“Wound healing instead of skin graft!”

Our cat was run over and had a completely open paw. The vet said that without a skin graft the fur was unlikely to grow back properly and the area would remain open…but with NutraPro® Care the wound healed up so well and within a few weeks the paw was almost completely closed up!

Kristina with Fips the cat, Italy
Reiterin mit Pferd
“Wound healing in quick time!”

After a jab in the neck, the area of injection became badly inflamed on my Hanoverian mare, Wilma. Within a very short space of time the area was the size of a fist, and pus and blood had collected in there. The vet had to cut the wound open and we had to regularly clean and bandage it, not the easiest task to perform on the neck of a horse. The Wound Spray by NutraPro® Care helped to heal up the wound a great deal quicker than expected. – I wouldn’t have previously thought that it was possible.

Simone Köhler with „Wilma“, Hotel Manager, Elmshorn

Frequently asked questions about this product

Reasons to use probiotic care sprays for dogs, cats, etc.2021-03-18T14:01:47+01:00

Effective microorganisms provide probiotic effect. A favourable environment that supports animal health in a natural way, strengthens the immune system and body’s defences. Harmful germs are driven out and no longer have a basis for life.


Benefits of NutraPro®Care probiotic care sprays2021-03-18T14:03:54+01:00

Well-being and resilience for your pet

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Developed by distinguished experts
  • Well-tolerated by animals with sensitive skin
  • Suitable for all animal species and breeds
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