NutraPro® Equine


NutraPro® Equine Detailed description: NutraPro® Equine is a high-concentration probiotic quality product for horses and is sold by vets and in selected specialist shops. It has a high efficacy and contains active live yeast cultures which particularly improve fibre digestibility. NutraPro® Equine is used for animals with severe or chronic intestinal [...]

NutraPro®Care SKIN & COAT Spray 100ml


NutraPro®Care Skin and Coat Spray 100ml Detailed description: Probiotic Spray for Skin & Coat provides natural protection for the skin absorbs unpleasant odours can help relieve skin irritation like redness and itching particularly suitable for pets with allergies, no additives can also be applied to carpets, fabrics and cat litter Application: Spray [...]

NutraPro®Care WOUND SPRAY 100ml


NutraPro®Care WOUND SPRAY 100ml Detailed description: Probiotic Spray for Wound Care Promotes tissue repair and skin regeneration for big and small skin injuries. cleans, moisturises and closes the wound generates natural skin protection for open areas prevents infection Application: Spray the affected area of skin several times a day. Ingredients: Water [...]

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